• A comprehensive tool for proactively managing your capital raise
  • Track interactions with all your prospective investors
  • Drive prospects towards closing
  • Team-based so tasks can be shared
  • Track who introduced each prospective investor
  • For institutional investors, track meetings with individuals and aggregate automatically to their company
  • Define how financial and operational data is packaged for shareholders
  • Different share classes and different holding amounts get different packages
  • Your packages can be delivered as documents and/or data. (Shareholders can use Xenapto to aggregate their data across their holdings)
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual schedules
  • AGMs, EGMs and other events can be run online, offline or both
  • Define the agenda as a series of resolutions
  • Securely gather votes against each resolution
  • The voting outcome may depend on share class and other factors
  • Publish minutes and notify shareholders of the outcomes
  • The board cycle can be run online, offline or both
  • Directors can begin the conversation as soon as you publish the board package
  • Reduces the need for a full set-piece board meeting every reporting cycle
  • Directors can vote securely on board resolutions online
  • Enables greater board participation from a wider range of candidates

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