Monitor and improve your decision-making

  • Track your candidates and compares their future valuations against your ratings, whether you invested or not

Accelerate basic research

  • Clip web pages straight to Xenapto
  • Auto-discovers company and person details (relationship, contact details or previous funding rounds).
  • Forward emails to your contact database and we will match them to the right contact for you.

Progressively refine your longlist down to a shortlist

  • Like The X Factor for dealflow
  • Get ratings from your colleagues and trusted advisors

Generate a Proposal For Investment

  • Fully analysed & supported by relevant data
  • Add your investment rationale and you've got a document to take to an Investment Committee

Manage due diligence and deal closing

  • Dashboard for all your Xenapto Capital Raise memberships
  • Manage deal documents from one place
  • Securely notify your intent to participate

Track your success rate over time

  • Compare with your shadow portfolios (Shortlisted companies you didn't back, Deals you would've if you could've)

Comprehensive holdings dashboard

  • Show holdings by legal entity, share class, date invested, portfolio weight
  • Sort by value, absolute gain, % gain

Make an exit plan for each investment

  • Set a target ROI
  • Track valuation events for this company and its peers

Define your ideal portfolio and compare with your actual holdings

  • Set Buy/Sell/Hold for each portfolio company
  • Plan future investments to align your portfolio

Match capital availability with your opportunity calendar

  • Add known future liquidity events
  • Plan your own capital raises
  • Integrates Xenapto Capital Raise with Xenapto Investment Pipeline
  • A comprehensive tool for proactively managing your capital raise or running one on behalf of a portfolio company
  • Track interactions with all your prospective investors
  • Drive prospects towards closing
  • Team-based so tasks can be shared
  • Track who introduced each prospective investor
  • For institutional investors, track meetings with individuals and aggregate automatically to their company

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