Dominic Sayers

Co-founder and CEO

Former head of technology for the corporate finance division of an international investment bank, Dominic has a wealth of experience in tools for capital raising and investor relations.

Dominic's background is in managing software development teams in the financial services industry but he can't resist the odd day of coding now and then.

Dominic coaches his sons' rugby team and wishes he was still playing the game himself. His wife has her own business commissioning public art in the construction industry.

Greg Dowling

Co-founder and CTO

Former head of risk engine technology in the quantitative analysis group at RBS and head of global markets technology at HSBC. Greg has also worked at Barclays Capital, Credit Suisse and The London Stock Exchange, mainly specialising in front office trading technology. He started his career as a software developer at a technology start-up.

Greg studied Physics, graduating with an MA from Oxford University. He is a keen jazz fan and an enthusiastic sports car driver. He lives in East London with his architect wife Juliet, in an environmentally sensitive house that she designed, with a little help from him.