# Company Cited how often?
Youtubeline - youtube video
Wisely - YouTube for Digital Marketers
Bent Pixels - Digital Rights Management on YouTube
Vizigy - Enhanced customer experience with integrated video (beyond simple YouTube videos)
Legal Lookup - YouTube of Law by Attorneys
Snipreel - Create highlight reels from YouTube
Sumari - YouTube for Recruitment Industry
Simplex - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFRjurFVEqY&feature=youtu.be
Musicstalk - YouTube Music Player
Vumedi - YouTube For Surgeons
Girlfriends - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDjPKU6WGXg
Ezvid - Video Creator For YouTube
20lines - Youtube for short stories
Protogenist Info Systems - http://www.youtube.com/user/editeondotcom
Business English 23 - Youtube for learning English
Reyou Me - YouTube of Consumer Reviews
Recruiting Sports Network - YouTube connecting athletes and college coaches
Arcade44 - Bravo for Generation YouTube
Xenra - Youtube to mp3
Vreadit - Youtube or Spotify for Books
Amused Now Entertainment - Digital entertainment distribution for artists (YouTube meets MTV)
Beautymotive - YouTube Integrated Advertising Platform
Niche Video Media - Secure YouTube for the enterprise
Educa Tel - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FZvVppgLlMw
Makers Studio - TV meets Youtube
Truth Biotech - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gh2KIRX4SMQ
Synchtube - synchronized YouTube
Nowbox - Personalized TV Guide w/ Best of YouTube
Smart Kids Video - Ipad App to avoid Youtube inappropriate videos
Tonguehead - HBO meets Youtube
Virool - Get seen. Promote your YouTube videos. Easy, fast, powerful platform, trusted by the biggest brands.
World Wide Visionary Entertainment - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LUHmDm4CrzE
Maker Studios - Video Studio (UnitedArtists for YouTube)
Openionated - The YouTube of Writing
Planet Ivy - YouTube for writers
Shuffls - public user journal with picture stories just like videos broadcasted on youtube
Project Toybox - The Microsoft, Youtube, and Facebook of 3D Printing
Demo Lesson - LinkedIn+ Youtube for Teachers.
Timedesk - Startpage + Bookmarklets + Youtube (Pocket, Instapaper)
Oddworkout - Like Youtube, but for workouts. Some serious, some funny, some just plain odd.
Incuvo - Create and share own fun games in minutes (YouTube for games)
Vidiq - YouTube video marketing suite.
Edufii - The Future of Coaching. Best of Facebook, Youtube, Dropbox, Video Analysis, & E-mail
Midzy - A YouTube with polls
Oplicate - Youtube for books
Sponsify - Video Advertising on YouTube
Groopie - Group Reality TV Creation (YouTube)
Clipmunch - Watch the best YouTube videos
Dibischool Promentor Solutions - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slu5ROWegtg&feature=youtu.be
Oddworkout Com - Like Youtube, For Workouts
Locus4u - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLC2s9X9KVU
Underworldcommunications - Ringtones from Videos(Youtube and Dailymotion)
Sourcemap - youtube for supply chains
Danceamatic - YouTube meets AngelList - connecting aspiring artists to industry influencers.
Ganozi - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4Sin8GC91k
Brevidy - If YouTube and Twitter made ridiculously good-looking babies.
Kacific - "Pacific Islanders can watch Youtube"
Youtube Instant - Real-Time YouTube Search
Squareone - YouTube Agency
Voice Of The World - YouTube meets X-Factor meets FACEBOOK. A global Web 2.0-based online talent competition.
Quivvo - Pandora+Stumbleupon meets Youtube for Music Videos.
Readwave - Youtube for writers
Pikkoo - YouTube of mobile personalization
Youmicro - Like YouTube but for Audio Files
Vyou - Person to Person YouTube like video
Omnia Media - YouTube Network
Singwho - American Idol, Youtube, and Facebook
Songsly - A simple platform for paid song placements on YouTube
Quotiny - Create quotes on YouTube and Vimeo videos
Uwall Tv - youtube search
Veedlist - Instant YouTube Playlist
500 Startups - Silicon Valley seed fund & accelerator founded by PayPal, Google, YouTube, Yahoo alums.
Castnotice - American Idol meets Facebook meets YouTube
Cliff Hanger - The YouTube of Comic Books
Rokkify - Online streaming music service powered by YouTube + indie artists.
360huts - Youtube for real estate in India
Mylastvid - YouTube for your afterlife.
Muziic - The YouTube Media Player
Findit - When YouTube and Yellow Pages collide
Big Frame - A YouTube Media Company
Coconutriver - Stumble Upon For Video ( YouTube)
Meu Karaoke - YouTube for independent singers and karaoke lovers in Brazil.
Disapainted - Youtube for hand-drawn animations
Myvyoo - YouTube for blogging
Threecandy - Like YouTube for 3D models
Iknowl - Youtube for arts & crafts lessons.
Eoslides - Youtube for presentations and webinars
Cool Van Media - Youtube meets Survivor
Moving Metrics - Product Integration on YouTube
Blacktree Tv - The biggest channel for African Americans on YouTube, The Black Entertainment Tonight
King Of The Web - A YouTube generation company.
Graspberry Technologies - YouTube without Internet
Number1youtubeviews - Viral Youtube Video Promotion
Paperlet - collaborative YouTube for rich-media, interactive stories
Vidooly - YouTube Video Advertising & Analytics Platform
Hipset - The YouTube Network for Artists
My Website And Youtube Channel - A website and youtube Channel I am working on
Skilltube - YouTube for Education
Exposed Vocals - The YouTube equivalent for Unsigned Artists
Vidoofy - YouTube Video Advertising & Analytics Platform
Famebit - Easiest Way to Find, Hire and Work with Influential YouTube Content Creators
Pype - YouTube Televised.
Pushplug - Youtube for video contests
Colorado Boutique - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDNi8XWWV3Y
Sharewis - YouTube for learning content
Conex Med Pro Systems - Facebook and Youtube for Healthcare
Squawkme Vdodesign Labs - SquawkMe = Youtube + Foursquare; authentic, location based serendipity
Flipgigs - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bW4VQo751nI
Apprats - Marketing Platform for YouTube Celebrities
Offersnbooks - Ebay Of Used Books
Mspaces - eBay powerseller for AirBnB
Rayku - eBay for College Tutoring
Doesthatmakesense - eBay for Tutoring
Tradelynx - marketplaces for physical commodities (think LinkedIn + EBay)
Coomuna - eBay for sharing in Latinamerica
Travelico - ebay for planning and booking our accommodation when travelling
Lovethequote - eBay meets Freelancer
Stylemarks - Fab meets eBay on mobile
Playergator - The "eBay" for Deltasigs
Supreme Newmedia - eBay Widgets and Tools
Autoflipr - ebay for automotive remarketing
Talk And Amp Trade Live Ttl - Live video/audio online marketplace - a cross between ebay, craigslist and skype
Maxbidder - auction website (ebay)
Meedley - Social Ebay for Rent, Buy, Sell, Barter and Offer.
Sweet Sprouts - Ebay for Families, while fundraising for community
Stayable Me - Ebay for high-end spaces
Massoptimizer - eBay conversion rate optimization
Workebb - ebay for consulting services
Agriwebb - Ebay for Cattle
I Mall - SEEurope e-Commerce marketplace platform (ebay)
Noteutopia Acquired Flashnotes - eBay for college course documents.
Terapeak - eBay Research
Freemunky - Brand networking place which is a combination of facebook + ebay + amazon
Go Fish - The Ebay For Direct Sales Companies
Municibid - compliant ebay for government
Clearingbid - An "eBay" for the new issue process in several securities markets
Florist Now - eBay Now for flowers
Barterquest - Cashless eBay
Giovanni Fantasia - Managing Director at ebay.it
Yourjobdone - Mobile eBay for getting jobs done fast
Mister Headhunter - ebay + monster = Mister Headhunter
Rummage - Fast, fun eBay Search
Rentstuff - eBay for Product Rentals
Never Liked It Anyway - Ebay for Breakups
Mobilewellbeing - ebay for remote patient monitoring
Phlybuy - The bastard child of eBay and Craigslist used for buying and selling college books.
Nearmine - eBay for Services (social twist)
Stallmart Online Services - virtual social Marketplace (ebay)
Upgear - eBay for virtual goods
My College Yard Sale - Ebay for college students
Auto Republic - Google & Ebay for Cars | On-line Car Showroom - Motor Vehicle Search Engine
Stylerecovery - eBay for luxury fashion
Bluemanshop Com - The reveser of Ebay with a bigdeal twist
Iwoca - Working capital to professional eBay & Amazon Sellers
Marketplace Repricing - Ecommerce dynamic pricing on ebay and amazon.
Minneapolis Biomass Exchange - The eBay of Feed and Renewable Fuels
Off Market Radar - LinkedIn, Jigsaw and eBay on a foundation of CRE
Didis Wardrobe - 'ebay' for Indian Wear
Hastooffer - eBay For Craigslist
Stayable - Ebay for high-end spaces
Symplivety - eBay for College Property Rentals
Everybiddy - Ebay of dutch auction
Cont3nt Com - eBay for breaking news.
Grabbed - Group Buy like Ebay in Australia
Shoppingperte - eBay Store
Supreme - eBay Widgets and Tools
Hero Network - Social Helping Network (Ebay of Philanthropy)
Trabaha - eBay for Home Services
Upgradeswap - A faster, easier, safer eBay for smartphones
E Prospects Biz - eBay for Leads and appointment
Rentmyadspace - eBay for Advertising
Xwabe - Ebay for clothes.
Ebapro - marketing solutions for eBay
Mode De Faire - Facebook and EBay for fashion
Jewels Vintage - Vintage Jewelry - eBay Powerseller
Quidtask - eBay for tasks
Adfaces - eBay for Outdoor Advertising
Blooberri - A new way to sell your things (Ebay)
Flibbr Marketplace - eBay style Bitcoin + PayPal marketplace
Lollipuff - eBay for Designer Goods, where every item is authenticated by brand experts
Musicx Fm - Ebay.com for the monetization of free music
Bbhventures - B2B ebay endlife perishables
Intickle - Service of Lucky Deals (eBay upside down)
Dextr It - Voice Recognition based eBay
Fapey - ebay, pinterest, facebook
Poolcircle - eBay for the Sharing Economy
Swapzaar - A niche ebay: A gamified swapping platform for curated, pre-owned/vintage fashion goods
Listedby - Think eBay combined with LinkedIn targeted to real estate, and you have ListedBy.com!
Time2cu - ebay meets Angie's List
Blazing Bid - eBay bidding on behalf of users
A Gripper - visual trends on eBay
Karebid Foundup - Ebay for Healthcare Solutions
Xchangehands - Ebay meets Craigslist with a focus on localized trading
Gunup - eBay for Guns
Eshowroom Uk - Ebay For Motor Vehicles | Online Motor ShowRoom Platform
Swift Snipes - ebay auction sniper
Mercadotransporte - Like eBay but for shipping services
Getaround - Airbnb for Cars
Snappcar - AirBnB for P2P car sharing
Evolux Transportation - Uber meets AirBnB for Helicopter Travel
Anchor Travel - airbnb for boats and crews
Fitboo - Airbnb for fitness clubs. Pay as you go for customers.
Rootless - A ridesharing community. Airbnb for cars.
Trainermatch - Airbnb for Personal Trainers
Muber - Airbnb for package delivery
Date My Apartment - Match.com and Airbnb
Ohmconnect - AirBnb for Energy
Bizpora - LinkedIn + AirBnB = Bizpora
Gastromama - AirBnb for special dinner
Suppershare - Airbnb for kitchens
Ivylla - AirBnB meets LinkedIn - global travel homes for top university alumni and friends
Parcelio - Airbnb for parcels
Inkba - AirBnB for ad spaces
Roomplug - Airbnb of Long Term Leasing
Lambda - AirBnB for developers
Airrands - airbnb for micro jobs
Hungryhippie - Airbnb for food
Greenloons - AirBnB for authentic green travel
Flightcar - Airbnb of car rentals at airports
Crate Dj - Airbnb for DJs
Weeleo - Airbnb for currency exchange
Wibubble - Airbnb for Internet Connections
Rooming - Airbnb for long-term rentals
Rides - The Airbnb for your seats
Lodgehound - Airbnb for hunting land
Seshlook - Airbnb for Adventure Sports
Get A Ride - Airbnb for Cars/Bikes/Bicycles
Divelocity - The AirBnb for divers
Thingshare - Airbnb of Tools for Makers/Makerspaces
Blift - Instant p2p carpooling marketplace (mix of Airbnb and Uber)
Bookmantis - Airbnb & Priceline combination for Textbooks
Virtualos - AirBnB for Offices
Your Office Agent - Airbnb, ApartmentFinder and Bookingcom for workspace-the largest global workspace platform
Peopleunited - AirBnB for parcels and documents. Flyers earn money,senders save!
Startuparc - Airbnb for co-working spaces & business travelers
Date My Wardrobe - AirBnB for wardrobe items
Jumpseat - AirBnB for Private Jets
Fullbox - Airbnb of Furniture
My Plus One - Airbnb goes VIP
Talentap - Airbnb for live entertainment services - Smart location-led inventory and pricing
Dinnr - Airbnb for food
Go2gether - AirBnB for carpooling
Triip - Airbnb for private local tours
Fun2rent - The Airbnb for boats and powersports
Kodesk - AirBnB for office space
Venuu - Airbnb for event spaces.
Good Spot - The Airbnb for peer2peer activities
Curricoolum - Airbnb for jobs
Cratedj - Airbnb for DJs
Tommyjams - Revolutionizing Live Entertainment (Airbnb)
Gipsetter - Airbnb for delivering things global
Chef 52 - AirBnB for personal chefs
Dreamr Experiences - AirBnB meets Group-Buying for Experiences
Auckland Outdoors - Airbnb & OpenTable for Outdoor Gear
Myguidie - Airbnb for travel guides
Vacation Broken Bow - Airbnb of the vacation rental space
Proprly - Airbnb Host & Guest Services
Oliver Jung - Investor and Consultant at Airbnb
Beatsy - Airbnb for bands and artists
Let Me Seat - Airbnb of short-term business and workspace rentals.
Bedabroad - Airbnb for Student housing
Eatwith - The AirBnB for dining around the world.
Spacefindr - Airbnb for offices
Shared Earth - Airbnb for land owners and gardners.
Offersnpals - Airbnb Of Local Commerce
Partybay - The Events MarketPlace / AirBnB for Events
Greenthumb - payment and management platform for gardening companies. Airbnb for gardeners.
Floating Lofts - AirBnB for Houseboat Owners
Rentzent - Airbnb for Events
Baubnb - AirBnB for dog sitting
Loop Labs - Airbnb alternative for Online Travel
Aptjoy - Airbnb for Rental Housing
Fishing Guides 360 - airBnB for Fishing Guides
Toolspinner - Airbnb of tools
Metroguest - Airbnb for long term rentals
Coperly - Airbnb for Fixed price services
Sharemyspace - Airbnb for Commercial Spaces
Goculturestay - the Airbnb for cultural experiences
Parkadom - Airbnb for parking spots
Roomz - AirBNB for shared accommodation
Mydogbuddy - Airbnb for Dogs
Takokat - Google meets Pinterest 4 restaurant dish
Macabolic - Pinterest for Apple products
Spifferoni - Pinterest for the green and indie market.
Splash - Pinterest for activities
Buyfrom3 - Twitter plus Pinterest for shopping suggestions
Go Chic Or Go Home - Facebook meets Pinterest for everyday personal fashion.
Emazeme - Pinterest meets Yelp
Minilogs - Save and turn your bookmarks into playlists (Pinterest for all content not just photos)
Tripcipe - Pinterest + Pandora for travel
Mark My Book - Like Pinterest...only for kids and reading.
Pic Ur Plate - Pinterest for Dieters
Mindlly - Pinterest meets Quora
Todayimade - Pinterest meets Instructables: Inspiration sharing for makers
And Peace - Pinterest for Peace
Pinclout - Pinterest analytics
Huskadu - The intersection of Ask, Pinterest, Evernote and Flipboard
Travelavenue - Pinterest for travel
Sworly - Pinterest for music.
Shoutify - Pinterest for Locations
The Brand Project - Pinterest for nerds
Retail Goose - Like Pinterest for wholesale buyers and retailers
Casinity - Pinterest for Coupons
Nutjobfans - Pinterest for Sports Fans
Shopinterest - Create a Pinterest Store
Qraved - Pinterest meets Opentable
Pinreach - Pinterest influence and analytics
Spottly - Pinterest for locations
Pinterest Patron - Showcasing the best of Pinterest
Ichuz - Pinterest for Instant Opinion Gathering
Airwalk Design - Pinterest for designers
Cherrypicd - Like Pinterest for gift-giving.
Hellosociety - Pinterest Marketing & Technology Firm
Pinbooster - Pinterest Advertising Platform
Xploro - Social Geolocation Marketing Platform for Deals (Pinterest for Deals & Discounts)
My Type Of People - Pinterest for people
Loop88 - Connecting Pinterest users & Advertisers
Chatkong - Social Shopping Platform (Pinterest for sites)
Fontlove - Pinterest for typophiles
Invantory - The Pinterest of classifieds
Hintme - Pinterest for presents - But for everyone.
Limelight - Pinterest + Freebase + Wikipedia
Pixcited - Pinterest for Men
Lookible - Pinterest meets LinkedIn for Fashion/Beauty Professionals
Piqora Formerly Pinfluencer - Disocvery Marketing and Analytics for Pinterest
Pinster - Analytics for Pinterest
Viraliti - Adwords for Pinterest
Instadash - A Pinterest inspired dashboard for instagram, now with Dropbox sync
Deemelo - pinterest for the real world.
Yellowdig - Pinterest for the Enterprise
Localdipity - Micro-Broadcasting - Location-based Pinterest
Digital Playspace - Gamified Pinterest Linked With Retail
Travelavenue Com - Pinterest for travel
Pinleague - Pinterest Marketing Made Easy
Qwerpa - Blending Twitter, Pinterest and Google Calendar
Pigroot - Clustering Social News (Pinterest)
Tailwind - Pinterest Analytics and Marketing
Pinalerts - A service that sends alerts, via email, when a website receives new pins on Pinterest.
Flashingdeals - Pinterest for deals
Pashadelic - Pinterest & Meetup for landscape photographers
Listsanity - Pinterest for Lists; Crowdsourced, Authoritative, Social
Fusings - A Pinterest for Ideas (and the knowledge worker)
Pinshape - pinterest style marketplace for 3D printing
Pinview - Browse Facebook Like You Browse Pinterest
Braincupboard - Pinterest for business thinking
Tada Shop - Social platform to connect moms around buying. Amazon meets Pinterest.
Sokiki - Pinterest with semantic data
Hellol - Pinterest for Singles
Frumosa - Pinterest for haircuts
Pinauthority - Pinterest analytics dashboard
Project Limelight - Twitter + Pinterest + Wikipedia
Wishclouds - Like Pinterest with price tracking & sale alerts.
Pinalyzer - A Pinterest Analytics tool
Mineness Com - Create The “Pinterest of Stuff You Own”, Automatically
Blugloss - Pinterest + guidance = confident consumers
Forty Four F4 - The pinterest video
Stash - Pinterest for Events
Thehubedu - Pinterest with Purpose
My Cookshelf - Pinterest Meets Spotify for Food
Skimling - Yelp for essays and writing
Weedmaps Media - Yelp for medical marijuana.
Bizyhood - Yelp for Small Businesses meets the BBB
Vendorstack - A Yelp for Enterprise
Supermoney - Yelp for personal finance
Social Toddler - Yelp for parents.
Spotlikes - Recommendations from your social network, fast. A socially-networked Yelp
Learnteria - Yelp for Education
Topdish - Yelp for dishes (TopDish)
B2brev - Yelp for small business reviews
Carstations - Find and crowd source electric charging stations (like Yelp for your Tesla or other EV)
Paradine - The LinkedIn version of Yelp
It Central Station - The Yelp for Enterprise Technology
Centrinews - Location Aware News - Yelp for news articles
Qaym - Yelp of Arabia. The pioneering restaurant and meals rating and reviews platform. The most downloaded App in Saudi Arabia.
Rtime Com - "Yelp for eldercare.
Trustedcompany Com - Yelp for E-Commerce in Emerging Markets
Loveforever - Combining Web M.D., Yelp, Angie’s List and Uber with the counseling world.
45sec - Yelp but private. The new 1-800.
Consumr - Yelp for Products (Mobile) - Bringing an End to Buyer's Remorse
Avec - Yelp for Dominican Republic
Pluto Mobile - Say Bye to Yelp
Yourseniorliving - Yelp of Senior Housing - Senior Living Referrals and Reviews for Senior Facilities
Openlabel - Twitter meets Yelp for billions of barcoded products.
Funkiddayz - YELP for kid's stuff
Crowdtaster - Yelp for Groceries
9toppiks - dmoz + Yelp for Web
Common Tastes - Yelp meets Pandora, for anything.
Yelp Radio - Yelp meets YouTube
Vita Ly - match.com + yelp focused on health and fitness
Weflect - Yelp for Everything
Journal Lab - Yelp for cancer research.
Skive It - Personalized place recommendations (Super advanced Yelp)
Dayzipping - Yelp for experiences.
My Vote My Choice - Yelp and Digital Media for U.S. Politics
Youclient - Yelp meets Foursquare in the 21st century!
Rate The Universe - Ratings website that has elements of yelp, rotten tomatoes, and twitter
Uzaa Networks - Yelp for Farmers markets, events
Slync - Local, Pinterest-like Yelp
Comparz - Yelp for Small Business
B4ugo - Yelp for waits
Coursetalk - Yelp for MOOCs
Letseatonthgo - YELP Inspired Food Truck Review Site
Delightem - The Yelp of Gift Giving
Skate Spotters - Yelp for skaters and bikers
Alltrails - Yelp for the outdoors
Pokertrip - Yelp of the Poker Industry
Gayrefer - yelp for the gay community
Myparks Like Yelp For Parks For Moms - It's like Yelp for Children's Parks - Mobile App for Mom's & Children's Caregivers
Amazi - Yelp for Water
Entfusion - Cross between yelp and craigslist, with a specific niche in entertainment
Homing In - Yelp for Real Estate
Innov - Yelp like services for Hong Kong (Food, Drinks, Attractions/Do only)
Startup Miner - A Yelp for startups
Doggoes Com - Yelp for Dog Lovers
Heardabout - YOUR guide to what’s good. Yelp + Quora + Pinterest. Lots to come ;-)
Thwoop - Yelp for B2B products & services
Allforwarders - Yelp for shipping industry
Meshwith - yelp for humans, but anonymous and accurate
Extra Edge Training - Yelp for Sports Coaches
Cityvoter - White-label Yelp for brands
Sustainable Reference - Yelp for Sustainability
Bidometer - Yelp meets eBay for auto repair
This Wifi Sucks - Yelp for WiFi
Incular - Yelp! for promos and sales
Perks Locator - Yelp for Hotels and travellers.
Yellow Np - YELP like mobile services for Nepal
Bibo Bee Bo - It's like Yelp, Instagram and FourSquare combined to discover and share drinks.
Trustomer - Yelp + Instagram = Trustomer
Food Sprout - Yelp for Food Sustainability
Fambizi - Yelp meets Foursquare for parents.
Perfect Beauty - Yelp for Beauty Products;
Cab Hound - "Yelp" Like Mobile Dispatching For Taxis
Squarewhere - FB, 4Square, Instagram, google maps
Messo - Walkie-talkie meets Instagram
Cloudjay - Instagram for bussiness by CloudJay
Mystyle - Instagram of style (wanelo)
Inselly - Marketplace for Instagram.
Karmr - Instagram for actions & good deeds
Snapmyad - Helping Consumers Connect with Brands on Instagram through User Created Social Ads
Pingram Me - Mash-up of Instagram and Pinterest
Hashpix - Fab.com for Instagram photos
Brandify - Instagram meets Ebates for shopping the latest in women's shoes
Jourmie - Instagram for memories.
Hashbag - A marketplace to buy and sell on Instagram
Eventstagr Am - Live Instagram feeds for events
Xs The Action Sports Community - Social commerce for Action Sports - think Instagram and Pinterest meet Wanelo
Rompr - Instagram meets Yelp. For Parents. Who are awesome.
Nitrogram - Analytics & Engagement on Instagram
Storybyte - Instagram for stories (not just moments).
D8a Group - We Make Data as Easy as Instagram
Sharelook - Instagram for fashion
Pinstagram - The best way to view Instagram on the web and iPad.
Picstagram - Web view of Instagram
Osom - Instagram meets Craigslist
Snaps Fka Goldrun - Instagram for brands. App allowing fans to embed brand content into photos using AR.
Realgram - An elegant Instagram client.
Snapscout - Instagram meets Trip Advisor
Sosticki - Instagram with Affiliate Marketing
Tastynotes - Changing the world of recipes like Instagram changed the way we take pictures.
Goodpin - Instagram for micro-donations.
Shopsy - Shop for products discovered on Instagram.
Gramfeed - Instagram on the Web
Reelagram - Turn your favorite Instagram photos into classic slide reels
Kinderloop - Secure Instagram for child care providers & parents
Piicmi - Instagram for dating.
Spark - Instagram meets Craigslist
Hashgram - The best way to discover and share what's happening via Instagram, beyond the app.
Starmatic - A new visual and social experience. A qualitative alternative to Instagram.
Voiceclub - Instagram meets NetFlix for Language Learning
Nuffnangx - Instagram for Blogs
Phonograf - Instagram for Music. Play. Share. Discover.
Justmap It - Instagram for personalized maps.
Poasty - Instagram for Yearbooks
Picit - Instagram meets Draw Something and iSpy
Streetart Io - Instagram for street art
Readingly - Instagram for journalism
Trendabl - Instagram for fashion with brands and celebs
Instafeed - A clean/simple web interface for viewing your Instagram photos.
Guesswher - A mobile location-based photo guessing game - Instagram meets Draw Something
Bark Website And Companion App - Instagram for Dogs
Copygram - Instagram Print Social
Sptted - Instagram with a purpose
Werdsmith - Instagram for Writers
Snapyeti Show Your World - Instagram Meets Groupon - Photo Contest Marketplace
Volley - Instagram meets Instapaper. Insta-success!
Instatrip - Instagram + Trips = Instatrip
Printify - Print Instagram Photo's
Fanbase Media - Social Marketing Platform for Instagram
Raskils - Instagram For Extreme Sports
Mightbuy - Instagram for Retailers
Posterfuse - Create and Print Collages With Instagram & Facebook
Instatown - Location Search on Instagram Photos
Just Sing It - Instagram for Voice Meets Vine
Itsglimpse - Instagram for dating
Priztag - Instagram for classified ads
Brandicted - Instagram meets Amazon
Shoppio - instagram plus craigslist
The Pratley Co - Instagram for user-generated 3D photos & videos.
Upstagram - A Flying Raspberry Pi That Publishes Live Pictures On Instagram
Bintory - 4 cut storytelling - storyfied instagram
We Hugs - Instagram with a "shop" button
Feeditch - Instagram for Food
Soundbrush - Instagram for Music
Vinus - Instagram (on steroids) for wine
Tagitbest - Better Instagram Marketing
Latio - Instagram for in-store content
Pictacular - Instagram Dashboard and Analytics
Expresscoin - Buy Bitcoin. Fast and Simple.
Latincoin - Bitcoin Marketplace for Latam
Crunchbit - Bitcoin mining for everyone
Bigforce - Bitcoin Mining Op
Bitcoin Opportunity Fund - Bitcoin investment vehicle
Buttercoin - White-label Bitcoin Exchange Service
Btc Sx - Bitcoin Trading Platform
Bitplayer Ppv And Ondemand With Bitcoin - PPV and On Demand can accept bitcoin
Mymoneycloud - Making Bitcoin safe and easy to use with seamless payments and decentralized key storage.
Spaarsh - Fraud-proof "credit-cards" for mobile phones, POS and bitcoin transactions
Cointhink - Bitcoin Market Analysis for the New Economy
Coinalytics - Real-time Analytics for Bitcoin
Cryptonaut Ventures - Funding Bitcoin Startups
Coingram - Send & Receive Bitcoin on Facebook & Twitter
Payward Kraken - FOREX for Bitcoin, Ripple and other Digital Assets
Cryptocorp - Security for Bitcoin Wallets and Exchanges
Bitfoo Bifubao - Powerful and Simple Bitcoin Wallet
Purse Io - P2P Bitcoin marketplace
Bit Angels - Funding Bitcoin Startups
Bitcoin Magazine - Reading into Bitcoin
Card For Coin - Trade your Giftcards for Bitcoin
The Genesis Block - Bitcoin News, Analysis and Data
Crypto Street - Bitcoin & Crypto-currency Exchange
Coinjar - Bitcoin payment platform
Anonymous Ads - Anonymous bitcoin advertising network
Bitmarkers - Turnkey casino services enabling bitcoin gambling in real casinos and frictionless gaming.
Conectabitcoin - Trade bitcoin and litecoin with other trusted individuals.
Bitbox - Changing the meaning of money through bitcoin
Asedik - Bitcoin made delightful
Bits Of Gold - Exchange platform for emerging Bitcoin markets
Bittravel - Book vacation rentals and amazing travel activities with Bitcoin
Btcjam - Peer to Peer Bitcoin Lending
Coingrounds - Be your own Bitcoin exchange
Gocoin - Bitcoin Payment Gateway
Bitpay - Bitcoin Payment Processing
Coinbase - Bitcoin Wallet
Cloudhashing - Bitcoin Mining in the Cloud
Bitpesa - Remittances to Africa via Bitcoin
Bips - Bitcoin Payment Processor
Xcrowd - Stealth Mode - Bitcoin
Bitso - Mexico's First Bitcoin Exchange
Bit Trade Australia - Bitcoin Trading, Media and Conferences
Armory Technologies - Bitcoin Wallet
Asia Nexgen - Bitcoin Exchange
Robocoin - Buy, Sell, Invest in Bitcoin
Coin4ce Com - Online Bitcoin Services
Mpex - The NYSE of Bitcoin.
Spectro Coin - All in one solution for Bitcoin
Bitangels Dapps Fund - Funding Bitcoin Type Decentralized Applications & Protocols
Bitcoin Miners - High ROI Bitcoin Mining project
37coins - SMS remittance solution - powered by Bitcoin
Tbg Network - bitcoin fundraising platform
Exchb - US-based Bitcoin exchange
Orbit - BitCoin services for the masses
Bitcoin Azerbaijan - Bitcoin, the currency of the internet age, Money 2.0
Bubblecoin - Bitcoin news, culture and events by Sean Percival
Coinsetter - Bitcoin forex trading platform
Getbitcoin - Buy Bitcoin online
Microe - Bitcoin consortium for wireless payment technologies
Foundersbank - The world's first bitcoin bank, exclusively for entrepreneurs.
Ambicash Universal Currency - Bitcoin Value Without the Risk
Mtgox - World's largest Bitcoin exchange
Chimpbit - Building a better Bitcoin client.
Diamondhunter - Bitcoin mining project < 5 month full ROI
Tradefor - The ultimate Bitcoin trading game
Switchless - Bitcoin for financial institutions
Bitx - The African Bitcoin Exchange
Atlanta Bitcoin - Bitcoin "ATM" Operator
Cryptotrader Org - First algorithmic trading platform for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
Instapagar - Brazilian Bitcoin Platform
Coindigger - BitCoin Mining Pool
Bitcredits Io - Bitcoin payments for online commerce
Verified Wallet - Trust for Bitcoin
Korbit - Korea's leading Bitcoin Exchange
Btc Sm - BitCoin Ecommerce made safe.
Bex Io - Own your own Bitcoin Exchange
Getreal Platforms - BitCoin mining system
Bitcoin Enabling Video And Gaming - BitCoin Enabling the Video and Gaming industries
Safello - Europe's fastest Bitcoin reseller
Zero Limits - Bitcoin related startups funding
Blockscore - Customer Identity Verification API for Bitcoin Companies
Airspeed - Sync Gmail and Salesforce
Cloud Success - UK salesforce.com consultancy partner
Volnado - Wordpress Meets Salesforce for Entertainment
Mondaycall Solutions - Salesforce.com consulting and services
Cloudamp - Salesforce Inbound Funnel Optimization
Software Allies - Salesforce Consulting
Kugamon - online billing for salesforce.com
Cirrus Insight - Integrate Salesforce and Gmail
Work Com - Salesforce Work.com Social Performance
Symphonic Source - Data cleansing for Salesforce.com
Abizinabox - CPA, GAPS, APPS, Salesforce
Userpod - Next Gen Hardware Management (think salesforce for hardware)
Fielding Systems - Salesforce for Oil & Gas Industry
Womply - Google Analytics + Compete.com + Salesforce for brick & mortar merchants.
Zenput - Salesforce for Task Workers
Rabat Me - Managed loyality platform for SME's - we are to loyalty programs what salesforce is to CRM
Insightsquared - Salesforce Analytics for SMBs
Configero - Salesforce.com Select Consulting Partner
Ticket Cake - Salesforce + Eventbrite
Skuid - Build killer pages in Salesforce.
Brand Regard - The Salesforce.com of marketing.
Doklist - The Booking.com for Patients and Salesforce.com for Doctors
Mykoob - CRM for schools (salesforce.com for schools)
Healthcrowd - Salesforce.com for healthcare
Molecule - salesforce.com for energy trading
Leadscapture - Sales and Leads Management for Digital Marketers (Salesforce)
Ascendant Technologies - cloud-based EMR & practice management for small clinics. Think SalesForce.com for Docs
Salesforce - Salesforce is the enterprise cloud computing, leading the shift to the Social Enterprise.
Gearscrm - Expert salesforce.com consultants
Jobovia - Salesforce for job seekers
Jot Spott - Salesforce.com for Families
Kona Datasearch - Advanced Search for Salesforce
Bracket Labs - Social Salesforce apps
Treilla - mobile salesforce.com for offline local retailer
Clientela - Salesforce for Luxury Retail
Mediarithmics - Salesforce.com for cookies
Cirruspath - Salesforce + Google Apps
Airit - Real Solutions CRM & HRM (Salesforce)
Froomerce - Salesforce.com of eCommerce
Nichevision - 'SalesForce.com' for DNA
Groobix - Salesforce for dummies and very small businesses
Taist - turns any SaaS to SalesForce: allows to create and use third-party addons for b2b SaaS
Jobwand - salesforce.com for jobseekers
Classcloud - Salesforce for Schools
Brixmark - Salesforce.com for grape-growers and winemakers
Store Vantage - Salesforce.com + Sabre for SMBs
Houston Command Center - Salesforce.com + Drupal + Anything w/ an API = Your Next Generation Application
Brandguard Software - Like Salesforce.com... for Reputation Protection
Delivered Innovation - Salesforce, Force.com & Cloud Computing
C5 Insight - SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, Salesforce.com
Aptaria - Salesforce CRM & Cloud Consulting
Match My Email - Email integration with Salesforce
Acertis Cloud - Billing & Invoicing for Salesforce
Silver Lined Solutions - Salesforce.com Cloud Consultancy
Riptide Software - Salesforce consulting, software developm
Ringlead - Salesforce ISV Partner
Sportcentral - Salesforce.com for sports venues
Titanium Fire - Salesforce implmentation consultancy
Musichype - Salesforce for Music Fans
Scan2 Mobile - Salesforce + FourSquare+ Groupon = Scan2.co
Dealcloud - salesforce meets linkedin and virtual dataroom for M&A professionals
Ceptes - Reduce salesforce file storage cost 50- 80%
Digidoctor - The Salesforce for healthcare. SaaS Patient Relationship Management.
Eeplat - Enterprise App Platform for everyone, distributive Ego-sys compare to Salesforce'
Taylor Marketing Group - A National Salesforce
Bheard - Think "Salesforce for Social Action"
Bookbottles - Combining Salesforce, Open Table and analytics for the nightlife industry
Twentypine - Salesforce.com Talent Acquisition Firm
Sport Performance Accelerator - "Salesforce for Elite Sports"